Tante Melanie Subono Release Second Book on 1-1-2011

Tante Melanie Subono Release Second Book on 1-1-2011 Idly Jakarta prizes. Melanie Subono wrote his story for a dozen years as a Liaison Officer (LO) in the book 'Ouch'. Melanie is now the second book will be released today, Saturday (01/01/2011) at 11:11 at night.

Aka LO Liaison Officer is the person who facilitates communication between the two organizations and conditions. In this case Melanie facilitate the needs of artists with promoters. What is required to undergo the artist during the concert and so on. Melanie was a super busy when the promoter JAVA Musikindo musicians bring to Jakarta. "Honestly I who wrote the book just for fun at first, not that this book will nyangka was really disukain and purchased people," wrote Mel in a release on Saturday (1/1/2010).
Women are usually called Mel is back dismantle the ups and downs during the LO. Not only that there are many important experiences that are shared Mel for those who like to cultivate the world of event management event organizer alias. Apparently all women do who also works as a singer with hard work. The name of the father is not just used to free Mel. Without Mel in JAVA Musikindo, all band concerts abroad who have been brought to Indonesia had been running less than perfect.
Want ngerasain so LO? Not just reading experience Mel, you are also given the opportunity to work directly helping the long-haired woman is so super busy divisions in JAVA Musikindo. Mel small slip of paper called 'Your Dream Pass' in the second book. Well "golden ticket" that will take you to meet Adam Levine or any personnel escorting the Deftones during his stay in Jakarta. For more information how you can simply open it in Mel's personal website has just been released at 1:11 am early this morning, melaniesubono.com. You can pre-order the book 'Laison Officer Forever' is limited on the site and be the first to register. "Maybe there is a similar photo like BMTH .... Photo cooperation Adam Levine .... Watch free Jamm Jakarta ... or so his assistant Scott Weiland, etc.?" Mel writes. Come game!