Tante Melanie Subono From Blog to Paper Gazette

Tante Melanie Subono From Blog to Paper Gazette Jakarta Nearly three years Melanie Subono write ideas on blogdetik. Now the stories in these blogs Melanie poured into a collection of sheets of paper and given the title of 'free glass of coffee'.

"I live ngerjainnya 60 percent due in part already taken from the blog. But a lot of development and a new story," said Mel met at the FAB Cafe, Scholastic, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/05/2011). 220 pages thick book is more to the place of sharing for Melanie. He shared about his views of the surrounding and especially about Indonesia.

Melanie shows how she is very nationalistic. But he regretted that the people of Indonesia who saw the spirit of nationalism only as a mere trend. The boss's daughter JAVA Musikindo promoter Adrie Subono was also talking about the wealth of Indonesia.
He also motivate his readers to be proud of yourself. "You could say this book is more serious than two books on the LO (Liaison Officer) before. But still convey a mild way. With a positive message. If you've often read blogs ngertilah definitely," he explained. 'A glass Coffee Story' published Qanita of PT Mizan Publika. The book is priced at Rp 39 thousand and can be found at major book stores starting today.