Tante Melanie Marriage a la Rock and Roll

Tante Melanie Marriage a la Rock and Roll Jakarta Every bride wants a wedding ceremony is sacred and memourable. It's also a chill by Melanie Subono. Adrie Subono daughter's second marriage should look stylish Rock and Roll.

"I do not bother, everything I buy is already finished, from shoes, clothes until it deh, in this marriage that Rock and Roll," he said when met at the Boutique Sebastian, Plaza Senayan, Jl. Africa, Asia, Central Jakarta, Monday (12/31/2007). Melanie did not specifically order a wedding dress to be worn during the vows of marriage as lively as dead.
He bought a ready-made wedding dress at Boutique Sebastian. The color is not pure white like most wedding dresses. "I choose the color of baby color. Why did I buy that already finished, because I'll be using that abis cut for a gig too. Day gini once pake directly on display," he said as he joked. MeIanie rumored to be married to her fiance, I Gusti Ngurah Agus Wijaya, in the coming weeks. But women who have a number tattooed on his body is reluctant to say when exactly the date.
"The date does not any longer, between one month (January 2008) or the second month (February 2008)," he added. Although the concept of wedding-style Rock and Roll, Melanie still consider privacy when the event took place. He also claimed to spread the invitation in limited quantities. "I wrote cuman ngundang ring 1, the same nuclear family my friends that I deket - deket wrote," he said firmly.