Tante Melanie Make Tattoos Together girlfriend

Tante Melanie Make Tattoos Together girlfriend After the divorce American Rejects Jakarta increasingly sticky with her new boyfriend named Laguna. New couple also have a unique activity that makes a tattoo together.

Make a tattoo together is not an activity commonly done celebrity couples Indonesia. But in Hollywood, activities tattooed with henna tattoo-it's not unusual anymore, such as Pamela Anderson who had tattooed wedding ring on her finger when it comes to Tommy Lee.

Melanie Subono himself admits, tattoos are not common in Indonesia. Hence the child's Adrie Subono said if he and the Laguna is a freak and your partner have a lot of strange habits. "We are equally strange. He's freak, freak me. And so, that's what makes us nyatu," he said. Melanie also added, after a divorce, she felt very comfortable around Laguna. "In this connection, I do not need jaim and pretend to be. So I'm comfortable," he reasoned.