Tante Gosip: Prepare a tall monument Syahrini Jambul

Tante Gosip: Prepare a tall monument Syahrini Jambul The series of fashion 'crested' singer Syahrini apparently will not stop. After performing with the equatorial crest, crested crested tunnel Casablanca and culverts Sudirman, currently preparing Syahrini crested the high exceeded Monas monument.

"Bener ya, I'm bored pake if long straight hair. So now slightly change the style. Later (crested) are taller than the Monas monument. We'll see ya in 2012, hold a moment," said Syahrini encountered in Decade Trans For Indonesia, JCC Senayan, Central Jakarta, As an actor the world of entertainment, fashion has become a distinct attraction for Syahrini. He even had time to go to Japan to see the fashions in the country Sakura. "Certainly I see the development of fashion, is not I continue to innovate. Insha Allah, I implemented. 

Over there (Japan) I see the development of fashion and makeup gitulah anyway. For everything else, I must look for its development," he said. The anniversary event was the tenth Trans Corp., Syahrini become one of the performers with Justin Aldiano hook to sing the song You Are Choosing Me. Syahrini also known as a total for the problem of appearance. In fact, if one day he was prosecuted for the title of balding in one movie or soap opera. Professionally he will not reject it. "Actually, if I prosecuted (bald) to play something (in movies or soap operas), it's a challenge for me. If it is for professional why not. But unfortunately mas, I'm tebel hair," he said.