Tante Girang, Gossiping is healthy?

Tante Girang, Gossiping is healthy? Gossiping ?..Mmm..mm!!.spontanously commented about someone else looks, friend’s affair, what and why someone doing or not doing are common behaviour isn’t it?!, particularly among women. Talking and laughing about beauty, men, fashion even watching tv gossip seems fun indeed, not surprisingly many women can stand gossiping for hours.

Is gossiping have benefits? Even healthy?. Based on researches lead by Prof. Stephanie Brown from university of Michigan, shows that gossiping activity which always associated with women, is good for their health. Wow, ..how come?!. Stephanie and collegues explained that women tends to feel much eager and happier when they enjoy gossiping with their friends. Those actifivity can reduces stress, anxiety and worries. Gossiping can improve progesterone hormone. This hormone has significant role for women. Its affecting ability to interact with peoples. Research shows that women with less-gossiping activity experiences decreasing progesterone hormone. On the other hand, women with high-gossiping activity will be much happier, flexible, healthy and live longer.
Why women are gossiping? Curiousity. People particularly women easyly curious about other people’s affair. Women has need for sharing every informations about their daily lifes. Women seeing gossiping as a media to seek informations around her. Women loves a detail information about anything than men. Some study shows that women more confidence to talking about something than men.

A study shows that women has powerful capability to spread information than men. Most women liking and enjoying talking than men. Women more expressive than men to talk or exposing about something than men. Talking, and then go on to gossiping isn’t easily thing to avoid. People or most women tends to easily interested, sensitive and focused on negative informations. Surprisingly, human brain have strong capability to catch and remind negative than neutral or positive information. 

Study shows that people having tendency to talking, gossiping, or even judging others. Advantages of gossiping A scientist Robin Dunbar from Oxford university says that gossiping isn’t always bad thing, it can be a media to collect unity among people. Researcher Eliza Bliss-Moreau says that by gossiping, we can learn and stay away from any bad thing that people we are talked about. Its mean we can learn from bad examples. Even gossing has positive effect, it doesn’t mean gossiping turned to a bad habit. So, go gossiping girl!,..but control it ok, don’t let it ruining our daily life by gossiping time to time and forgetting any others that is more important. Do you agreed ?..