Tante Girang, Gossiping Good For Women's Health

Tante Girang, Gossiping Good For Women's Health  - The women are definitely doing this one activity: gossiping. It's no secret, that woman can not keep a secret.

Gossip also have a daily diet for most women. Moreover a lot of media now that allows women to exchange information, such as Twitter and Facebook. "Gossip is an important part of human life. 99 percent of what people perbincangkan is about other people," said psychologist Dr. Gill Colon. However, behind all the ugliness, gossip turns out to give a positive impact on health. "Gossiping positively raise hormone levels, such as serotonin, which helps reduce stress and anxiety," said Dr Colin Gill.
Dr. Gill also explained, when women gossiping, they will get interest in what others say and vice versa, and the bond makes them feel better by releasing happiness. "Gossiping is always interspersed with much laughter, as this increases the chemicals 'happy' in the brains of women and even, it actually helps us provide a little heat to the muscles as well," adds Dr. Gill. Therefore, someone who had good social relations with others tend to feel happier, healthier and longer life than women who are isolated in his own world. 

Woman's happiness is not obtained directly from the gossip turned out to help them delay the aging process. The study conducted by Brandeis University found that those who have active social relationships supported by regular exercise and having good self-control and delay resistance degradation process of the body for 10 years. However, Dr Gill reminded that gossip with serious discussion and sometimes painful just not good for health. "Gossip is like that just makes people become stressed. And these rumors could backfire if you say something is not right," he said. Ghiboo.com