Honeymoon Tante Melanie Subono Concert Postponed

Honeymoon Tante Melanie Subono Concert Postponed Jakarta's oldest daughter Java Musikindo Adrie Subono boss, Justin Bieber officially holds the status of wife I Gusti Ngurah Wijaya Agus since 11 January 2008. Melanie and Gusti blessing performed at the Hotel Mulia, Jakarta.

Unfortunately because of busy Mel, Melanie akbrab greeting so that can not be postponed, they have to bite the fingers and delay matters honeymoon. Melanie and master could not do much. "I was fitting out the blessing yesterday, already sponsors one of the products immediately said, 'Mel, yes inget 17 cities tomorrow'. Yes would not want to go and postpone the honeymoon," said Melanie at her wedding reception at Delarossa Resto, Kemang, Jakarta the south. "No vacation, this abis us a lot of work. There is a concert close this month.
But hopefully this is a good start," continued Adrie. Former wife of King Simatoepang who divorced four years ago was apparently can not wait for honeymooners, leisure time they had a narrow advantage. "The plan in February there is free time 5 days. Incidentally we can gift from someone for the holidays to Asian countries. While there is time and chance, maybe we'll honeymoon there," he said happy.