Tante Gossip: Nikita's mother, she's Gak-Neko Neko

Tante Gossip: Nikita's mother, she's Gak-Neko Neko Has not been completed on the case of theft at his home and suffered the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, now the problem comes back on pesinetron pretty, Nikita Willy. Known Nikita clubbing photos circulating in cyberspace. Like what Nikita's mother commented, Yora?

"That the photographs in Bara's birthday. Not in the club, but at the cafe. Bara family also come, but not aunt. I still have not seen his picture, which surely was his birthday Bara. I know how come, every Nikita go there must be something jagain. Either an assistant or his brother, who would all know where she went, "said Yora. Yora who was contacted via telephone on Tuesday (1 / 11) asserts, that the location for the image is in the cafe area of ​​Pondok Indah, which he said was not an appropriate place under suspicion. "Nikita was not adventurous, because everywhere is always the same aunt. 

I question the life outside of soap operas, because he's now filming the soap opera it appeared just outside Jakarta Quote dibatasin. Shooting is reduced, usually go home at 12 malem, now at 7 malem've come home, "lid Yora. As reported previously, these pictures while clubbing Nikita Willy scattered in cyberspace. In the photo, she wore a sexy dress with low cleavage. 

She seemed to enjoy the fun with his friends, and even he was also embraced by a man suspected of Bara Tampubolon, her lover. (MPA / hen / aia)