Tante: Titi DJ & Ovy '/ Rif' Divorce

Tante: Titi DJ & Ovy '/ Rif' Divorce Shocking news came from the marriage Titi DJ and Ovy. After being married for five years, Titi and Ovy decided to divorce.

Through the release of a BBC broadcast appointed as media partner 'Divorce Titi DJ and Ovy', revealed her marriage to Titi Ovy has ended. He also admitted the weight to make the decision.

Unfortunately, until now, unknown cause of the couple's divorce. Meanwhile, the management was reluctant to comment Titi. "Yeah right, but we did not talk much because now is the fasting month," said Titi manager, Jenny detikhot when contacted by phone on Tuesday (08/02/2011).

Titi and Ovy married on May 23, 2007 in Mecca. It is the third marriage for the singer of 'Language Heart' is.