Tante: Kylie Minogue Exhibition Faithful Bottom

Tante: Kylie Minogue Exhibition Faithful Bottom Los Angeles singer Kylie Minogue was proud of her ass. Kylie also promised to continue to show off her ass even though now he was already stepping 42 years.

As quoted by Contact Music,Kylie won more popularity through the hits 'Spinning Around' in 2000. In a video clip of the song, the singer from Australia that comes with wearing hotpants that showcased her ass shape. "I'm not going to cover my butt while I'm getting older now," says the singer who had a duet with Jason Donovan on 'Especially for You' is.

Kylie feels fortunate to have a beautiful butt shapes. Therefore, the singer who recently released the single 'All The Lovers' needs to exercise a routine. "I'll keep diving tour when my age as Madonna. So, I definitely have to keep its shape in order to remain beautiful," he explained.