Tante Girang: Titi DJ and Ovy We're Separated

Tante Girang: Titi DJ and Ovy We're Separated Today, through KapanLagi.com, we, Titi DJ and Ovy, delivered a farewell news. Of course this is very shocking for all the family, fans, friends, partners and media friends.
brings together two lovebirds like most, but we're trying to unite two families: Ovy with two children and Titi with 4 children. ONCE WE LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Yes, we feel happy times. We enjoyed our times together, and always try our best to our family. We had everything and was always determined to try, but was staying with eight in one house is not easy. Four years we lived and we finally have heartened to admit that we do not have the strength anymore to fight together.

We, Titi and Ovy, through a long discussion, conclusion and believe, that the brotherly relationship we will be better for each of us know, if realized in the form of bonds of kinship and friendship, NOT AGAIN in the form of a marriage bond. We believe in a friendship of mutual respect there would be a more sincere and ideally between our air-8.

We hope we can all accept what it is now. Not easy. Weight. Very difficult. But we believe, all the prayers from family, fans, friends, partners and media friends, will guide us to a better future. Amen. kpl / sc / rhythm