Tante Girang: Sued 6 Months, Jupe Crying

Tante Girang: Sued 6 Months, Jupe Crying Jakarta-C & R/OMG- Julia Perez or Jupe is required 6 months due to fight with Dewi Persik in the filmmaking process Jupe Spirits Shake-Depe. He sued Article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.
Hearing these demands Jupe Shedding tears. Gaston Castano admitted lover's emotion, plus he was fasting. "Because of the fast times yes so emotional, I know have a chance but do not know why," he said after the hearing in the East Jakarta District Court.

Artist Yuli Rachmawati owner's full name was also confident and optimistic through all phases of this trial. Moreover, he still has a chance to do pledoi or defense on, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. "Yes, that's still a long trial, there is still pledoi, new demands. I'm sure I could go through all this," he said.

By: CekRicek Editor, Tuesday, 02/08/2011.