Tante Girang: Jupe Sued 6 Months Jail

Tante Girang: Jupe Sued 6 Months Jail Jakarta-C & R/OMG- Jupe Julia Perez alias prosecuted six months in prison by the prosecutor, SH Milono Jupe prosecuted Article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code concerning the action of persecution.
"Declare the defendant Yuli Rahmawati aka Julia Perez guilty of the crime of persecution as stipulated in article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code. And Dropping imprisonment against Yuli Rahmawati Julia Perez alias for 6 months in jail," said the prosecutor, Milono, SH, when reading the demands in the future judges in the East Jakarta District Court, Tuesday, 02/08/2011.

The next agenda is to read a defense or pledoi which will take place, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. The judge also gave the option to owners in order song Belah Duren was pledoi prepared by itself or entrusted entirely to his legal team. Hearing this Jupe still not sure how he would be reading his defense. "Talk used the same power law can not ngambil decisions now," said Jupe. Ichsan

By: CekRicek Editor, CekRicek | CekRicek - 39 minutes ago