Tante Girang: PHOTOS Princess Diana Remembered at

Tante Girang: PHOTOS Princess Diana Remembered at 50 Martin said part of the lure to Diana's residence on this day was the princess's age.

"Marilyn Monroe was an icon, Grace Kelly was an icon, and Princess Diana was an icon," said the visitor. "They all died young. They'll be remembered as princesses – beautiful, radiant, princesses." Like Marilyn, Grace and Jackie. Sharing a similar sentiment is Diana's biographer, Andrew Morton, The author, delivering his own remembrance in Friday's Daily Express, writes: "When I I ponder where Diana would be now if she was turning 50 today, two other women come to mind; Princess Grace of Monaco and Jackie Onassis. All three eventually left their homelands or social circles to become the independent, international icons of popular imagination." He calls all three women "voluntary exiles, finding themselves in spite of their backgrounds and careers and in the process shattering the existing iconography surrounding them."

By Stephen M. Silverman