PHOTOS Princess Diana: Raising Royalty In Morton's eyes, Kelly

PHOTOS Princess Diana: Raising Royalty In Morton's eyes, Kelly, whose son Albert is marrying this weekend, left an Oscar-winning movie career to wed Prince Rainier of Monaco. 

Dignified former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy married "rough-hewn Greek shipping tycoon" Aristotle Onassis. And Diana rebelled against the Palace by leaving and then divorcing Prince Charles, which Morton calls the crown's "biggest crisis since the 1936 abdication". Had she lived, Morton speculates, Diana today would be at home in New York or the Hamptons, watching her son and daughter-in-law on TV during their overseas visit. Also, he imagines, "she would be looking carefully to see if Catherine, whom she would have taken under her wing, was following her advice on how to deal with the big public events. Not that Catherine, who has taken to the spotlight as if to the manner born, has needed much quiet coaching." 

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By Stephen M. Silverman