Tante Girang Need to Know about prescription

Tante Girang Need to Know about prescription Consumers are entitled to information about the drug from the prescribing doctor in detail about the following things:

1. If you want cheap, ask for generic drugs. Efficacy of generic drugs equivalent to drug patents, but the price is much cheaper than similar patent medicines.
2. Information on drug names, properties, how to use and their side effects, if less obvious can be asked when redeemed drugs in pharmacies.

3. Long use of the drug until the symptoms / complaints disappear.
4. Potential side effects and when there are serious side effects, what to do.
5. It should be noted while taking the drug, such as dietary restrictions or certain medicines should not drink at the same time.
6. How and when to use the medicine, for example before or after eating or going to bed.
7. Possible repetition of prescription drugs without a doctor again.

To specify which types of OTC and OTC drugs is limited and restricted free appropriate to note:
1. Your circumstances, for example, young pregnant, nursing, have allergies to certain medications, have diabetes, and others.
2. Your symptoms and ask for the appropriate medication advice
3. Drug name, content, usefulness, use, side effects and drug interactions drug on the label or brochure.
4. Select one of the drugs in accordance with the symptoms of the disease and no drug interactions with medications you are taking.
5. Do not make up for prescription drug others who expected a similar illness.

By: fkunhas