Tante Girang Analgesics Perifer

Tante Girang Analgesics Perifer Classification Chemically, peripheral analgesics can be divided into several groups, namely:

a. paracetamol. b. salicylate: asetosal, salisilamida and benorilat c. prostaglandin inhibitors (NSAIDs): ibuprofen, etc. d. derivatives-antranilat: mefenaminat, glafenin. e. derivatives-pirazolinon: propifenazon, isopropilaminofenazon and metamizol f. Other: benzidamin (Tantum)

Tante Amoy Girang Problems

Tante Amoy Girang Problems in the muscles of the body: Kram. Cramps or spasms often occur in skeletal muscle. They can accompany motor system diseases, metabolic diseases, such as uremia, tetanus, and run out of electrolytes, particularly sodium, potassium, and calcium.