Tante Girang Belleville-Nabet

Tante Girang Belleville-Nabet (1996) show some reaction to the formation of reactive oxygen compounds. Teraktivasinya oxygen can cause the formation of oxygen free radicals, called superoxide anion (02.)
In vitro radical compounds will form complexes with organic compounds. Many factors that cause these compounds to form complexes, among others, the existence of membrane surface properties, electrical charge, the nature of the binding of macromolecules, and the enzyme, substrate, and catalyst. These complex compounds can occur in various cells that are still normal and abnormal or has been activated. Free radicals, often called reactive oxygen species (SOR), also can be formed through the enzymatic or metabolic. The process of cascade of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins and prostacyclin lipoksigenase and driven by the enzyme cyclooxygenase (producing components or reactive oxygen compounds licrupa epoxides and peroxides), and oxidase (monoamine oxidase-shaped or aldehyde oxidase), the next will form the superoxide anion radical or hydroperoxide.