Tante Girang Genit Formation

Tante Girang Genit Formation of Reactive Oxygen compounds: reactive oxygen compounds will be formed each time invarious activities ,even when we 'rebreathing . However, in general, the formation of reactive oxygen species or free radicals triggered by some environmental factors.

Pesticides or carbon tetrachloride (CC14). This compound after the entry into the body will react with cytochrome P450 and produces radical monooksigenase triklorometil (CCI3) and triklorometilperoksil (CC1303). The result of roasting meat fatty compounds called benzoapirene. These compounds enter the body if it will turn into epoxide radical compounds. Food additives (E120 Red and karmiat acid). Furthermore, the radical compound that is formed will act as an initiator in the process of lipid peroxidation leading to tissue damage (Zachariah, et al., 1996). Meanwhile, Supari (1996) argues that in dasarya free radicals can be formed through two ways, namely by endogenous (as a normal response to intracellular and extracellular biochemical processes) and exogenous (eg from pollution, food, and injection or absorption through the skin).