Tante Girang Tajir Asia Mesum

Tante Girang Tajir Asia Mesum Mechanism of action of hypolipidemic effects of niacin have occurred because of the declining function of hepatic VLDL secretion resulting from the reduction of triglyceride synthesis. Because LDL cholesterol is a cholesterol-rich lipoprotein derived from VLDL, a reduction in plasma concentrations of VLDL, LDL levels in the circulation will also decrease. Kenya fact, the plasma triglyceride levels decreased within a few hours after patients were given niacin, and a decrease in cholesterol levels will be visible after 4 days of treatment. The ability of niacin to reduce the formation of triglycerides in the liver may be caused by a decrease in free fatty acid concentrations in the blood, and almost all fatty acids in the blood derived from fat tissue.