Tante Girang Panas Asia

Tante Girang Panas Asia Analgesics Perifer: Classification, chemical, peripheral analgesics can be divided into several groups, namely: (a). paracetamol. (b). salicylate: asetosal, salisilamida and benorilat. (c). prostaglandin inhibitors (NSAIDs): ibuprofen, etc. (d). derivatives-antranilat: mefenaminat, glafenin. 

(e). derivatives-pirazolinon: propifenazon, isopropilaminofenazon and metamizol f. Other: benzidamin (Tantum). Co-analgesic efficacy is a drug and its main indication is not banish pain, eg. antidepresiva trisiklis (amitriptyline) and antiepileptika (carbamazepine, pregabalin, fenytoin, valproic). These drugs are used alone or combined with other analgesics in certain circumstances, such as neuropathic pain.

Usage. These medications can relieve or eliminate pain without affecting the CNS or lose consciousness, also does not cause addiction. Most of these substances are also helpless antipiretis and / or anti-inflammatory. It is therefore not only used as a drug antinyeri, but also at a fever (a viral infection / germs, colds, runny nose) and inflammation such as rheumatism and gout. These drugs are often given for mild to moderate pain, which causes diverse, such as headache, teeth, muscles or joints (Rema, gout), stomach, menstrual pain (dystnenorroe), pain due to collision or accident (trauma). For the second last pain, NSAIDs are more feasible. In more severe pain eg. after surgery or fracture (broken bone), it works less potent.