Tante Girang Tajir

Tante Girang Tajir. An insurance company says that age maximum participation of their health insurance program is at the age of 60 years. mean, your age must be 60 years maximum if you want to follow their health insurance program. But if you follow the program from now (age 35, for example), then after many years, you generally will still be allowed to continue their health insurance program until age 70 or 80 years. Consequently, of course, the older the age you are, the more expensive the premiums you pay. Please note that not all insurance companies apply the same policy. The easiest way for you is to ask them first. Well after you mengethu information about health insurance above, determine whether you have the best health insurance for you and your family Here are some lists of available health insurance companies in Indonesia: (a). Health Insurance ASKES.(b). Health Insurance Social Security. (c). Health Insurance Asabri.(d). Health Insurance Jamkesma.(e). Prudential health insurance.(f). Sinar Mas health insurance.(g). Manulife health insurance.(h). Health Insurance Sharia.(i). AXA Health Insurance.(j). Health Insurance Takaful. (k) Health Insurance Allianz. and many more insurance - other insurance.