Tante Girang Tajir Jakarta halth

Tante Girang Tajir Jakarta halth Insurance Program in Indonesia: Health Insurance in Indonesia and in general does not replace pesehatan maintenance costs such as health checkups or purchase vitamins. Which is usually replaced are the costs of care and treatment. Health insurance is insurance that provides reimbursement of health costs. Make no mistake, which includes health costs actually are three:
(1). Health maintenance, such as health checkups, health food and vitamin purchases. (2). Treatment, ie when you experience pain, so have to spend money for doctor or hospital inpatient, and surgery (Hospitalization, Outpatient, Surgery). (3). Treatment, that is if you get sick and have to buy drugs. There is a Health Insurance program which offers a replacement only, such as Critical Illness only. There are also reimburse Inpatient or medicine, but there are also complete with a replacement if you are having surgery. Lots of variations. Own health insurance premiums are usually paid once a year. Premiums are usually well adapted to your age. The older the age you are, the more expensive the premiums you pay. This is fair, the older the age of a person, the greater the statistics you are experiencing health problems and should be treated for the illness. As a result, if you're just part of Health Insurance at age 65, for example, usually insurance companies will refuse your participation. This is because the risk he had to bear huge. Unlike if you are aged 25 years, for example. In fact, you need health insurance to replace your costs if you are sick.
Denial of health insurance participation at ages 50-60 years by insurance companies, can be anticipated by the health insurance program since the age of its young. Because usually, if you are already a customer of an insurance company for years, so if you've entered the age-specific age (55, 60, or 65 - These vary by insurance company), insurance companies usually will still reimburse-health costs if you are sick. Why? This is because insurance companies already `know 'you for years. The company already claims to know `history 'you so they can` count' if your participation is `harm 'them or not. And this can only be done if you follow the Health Insurance program from now on, that is since you have not retired or not yet entered the age-old who becomes the limit the participation of a health insurance program. To know the maximum age of participation of a Health Insurance Program, you can ask it to your Insurance Company.