Tante Girang Nina Seksi

Tante Girang Nina Seksi It's easy to let our emotions take us away into another land of bliss after meeting a man or woman who excites us or fills our void of loneliness. It's not so easy to overcome the pain, confusion, and disarray that a broken relationship or divorce brings our way. We must be careful about two things when falling in love. First, after we get hooked on someone...after our stomachs start hurting when we are not with that new flame...after we can't imagine life without him or her - evaluate. Second, if we take the plunge - get married, start a family - learn how to preserve the love and passion so we don't slowly erode the relationship. When falling in love, we can't tear it apart. It's too hard to rebuild. Don't think that it's okay when you lose your temper and say hurtful things.

you just ripped a brick out of the foundation of your relationship. Don't think it's okay when you only want your own way and expect him or her to fall in line with you. You just tore the roof off the relationship you built. After we make a decision to get married and spend the rest of our lives with that person, we still have to evaluate. We have to be thoughtful of everything we say and do around our lover. We are either going to tear down the love or keep building it up.

We need to respect our mate.  Encourage and support each other. Communicate - and listen to each other. It's important for us to know what's going on in each other's hearts. Share desires and try to understand what's important to our partner. Help each other around the house. Always speak kindly to each other - never hurt each other verbally. It should go without saying that we don't physically harm our lover. Compromise and do things with each other that we might not even like. Falling in love means staying physically affectionate in every way throughout our lives. Don't think that physical affection is only for women. What good is it for a woman to love cuddling if her man isn't going to cuddle with her. Physical affection is extremely important in staying emotionally connected.