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Tante Hot Indonesia Valentine was a persecuted Christian who was eventually martyred because of his faith. When a Roman Emperor named Claudius II tried to convert Valentine to paganism in order to spare his life, he refused and in turn tried to convert Claudius to Christianity. The love that he showed for his Christian belief, even unto death displayed an uncommon love. However, prior to his execution St. Valentine performed a miracle to display the power of the love of God; and he healed the blinded daughter of the jailer who kept guard over him. Tante Hot Indonesia Slovenia recognizes this holiday as the beginning of spring and appropriately calls it "Valentine the First Saint of Spring.This however does not provide an explanation for sentiment, and additional folklore tells that Claudius forced the soldiers of his army to remain single and not to marry wives, so that his army would be stronger. But Valentine out of respect for the Godly institution of holy matrimony secretly married the soldiers and women. Once this was discovered Saint Valentine was arrested and became the Martyr for love.

This certainly is a traditional Christian holiday as it was established around A.D. 500 by the Roman Catholic Church Pope Gelasius the first, but then later was removed by Pope Paul the sixth in 1969.