Tante Girang Indo

Tante Girang Indo Are you still willing to give your relationship  a second try? Will you be able to convince him to stay and told him the words "love me anymore? Show your adult Side: Most of the time, break-ups occur because of immaturity of the first. You have to mature in handling the relationship. If you are a crybaby type cried those who whine with anything then it's time to stop being one. You have to develop to maturity. If you can not then you are not yet ready to be in a relationship.

Even if you ask your guy and say 'love me again "but you did not even try to become a mature individual, then you will only be rejected. and that both learn to be Independent: Show your guy that you are a woman who is independent and can be relied upon to care for himself. Guys do not like girls stick. If you been able to show him that you can independently if necessary then you will get respect. And even if you do not say the words "love me again" to him, he will be the first to tell you to give your relationship another try.
If you are one insecure girl you will always suspect that your guy is seeing someone who's a lot prettier or smarter than you. Even if your guy assures you than you're the only one for him, you will not believe him because you are already blinded by your insecurities. Learn to see yourself as someone who can also be better in many ways. If you don't then you will only receive a negative response from your guy if you say the words "love me again" to him. Live by your Promise: If you promise your guy that your relationship will be based on love, trust, and faithfulness then you have to do it.