Tante Girang Bispak

Tante Girang Bispak very concerned about people's opinion, require that she always look attractive and good at seeing. Simple and elegant appearance to the choice of dress. As long as neat and nice in look, women are confident to travel. the majority of a woman's wardrobe classic model. Not too followed the trend but also out of date. In addition, some women prefer a simple cut, not a lot of feminine style and tend to be memorable. For that he tried to not wear the same clothes in the adjacent time. Even for a party dress, a new woman will wear the same again after 6 days there is also sometimes more. In the shop lady did have a special schedule every 4 weeks or 3 months once accidentally went dress shopping for themselves "when in large quantities is usually four months.

Style of dress that follows the development of fashion, but according to the character of the wearer. Advice for women heart - the heart carry bag made of leather or suede, limit only to attend the event - a specific event only.