Tante Seksi Manis

Tante Seksi Manis, When you realize your husband is not attracted to you anymore, it can be a very tough time for you. What you might not know, however, is that you have just taken a big step into making him love you again and repairing your marriage by simply realizing things aren't well. When their husband falls out of love with them, most wives either don't realize it at all or they simply ignore it until their husband says he wants to divorce them. If your husband is not attracted to you anymore, you need him to know how much the "romance" is important to you. We are women and when we are married, we love to assume the mother role in preference to the "wife" role; cooking, looking after kids etc. Being a wife is much more important when it comes to the romantic love your husband has for you. So, starting from today make an effort to arrange some time you will spend with your husband alone. The matter of kids can easily be solved by either doing this after they go to bed, or arranging a relative to look after the kids for a couple of hours so you and your husband can spend time alone.